CASIO Compact Digital Camera "G'z EYE" GZE-1BK

It takes tough to be tough.

For everyone who challenges the limit in every field, from harsh snowy mountains and seas to some dangerous streets. COOL STREET GEAR "G'z EYE" was born, expanding the field of visual communication activities.

Strength to the limit
We pursued "strength" required in the world of street and extreme thoroughly. We developed our own reinforced structure inspired by G-SHOCK, and respond to harsh environments, limit situations, hard movements. Anytime, anywhere, any scene, it is a product that can be used without doubt.

[Ultra wide-angle shooting] Dynamic image with perspective effect
With FHD movie shooting 170.4 ° ※ , with still picture shooting 190.8 ° super wide lens mounted. Covering a wider range makes it easier to hold the subject in the frame even if you shoot with a no-lock, you can shoot without worrying about the angle of view. Even when you take pictures of yourself from a close distance or when you shoot the image of the subject's eyes, you can display the scene more widely, and you can record more realistic images.
Movie Image Stabilization "Off" or "Standard".

[Dramatic Throw] To slow down the favorite part at the desired timing
At the time of movie shooting, high speed shooting with 4 times or 8 times as many frames as before and after the moment when the slow button was pressed. By making a dramatic moment that will pass away in a moment, such as deciding technique and jumping in extreme sports, to be a super throw, you can finish it into a coolly directed video. In addition, it can set slow time and timing, it also supports actions with fast movement. Since you can insert slow movies any number of times within a single movie, you can also leave a series of actions dramatically.

[G'z EYE] G'z EYE only smartphone application
From shooting to playback, up to SNS, and even various settings, all the operations are summarized in the application. With familiar smartphone you can manipulate G'z EYE as you want.

Cooperate with Smart Outdoor Watch
Smart Outdoor Watch You can control the camera remotely in cooperation with "WSD - F20 / F10". You can shoot still images and movies at hand and play back.

Please make sure that G'z EYE has the latest firmware installed so that cooperation with this machine works normally. If it is not up-to-date, problems may occur.

This item is available for $449.99 with Free Express Shipping.

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